School Management System

Futuristic Education ERP

Revolutionize your School Operations with Our Ultimate Education ERP. Manage Students, Academics, Fees, Inventory, and More from a Single Platform. Simplify and optimize the respective tasks of your School and Get Real-time Insights with our Cloud-based ERP.

Futuristic AIO ERP 696 Tech

Futuristic AIO ERP

Transform Your Business with Our Cloud-Based ERP System. Our all-in-one solution includes HRM, POS, CRM, and Project Management capabilities, giving you a complete view of your business at all times. Improve productivity, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge.

Futuristic HMS ERP 696 Tech

Futuristic HMS ERP

Futuristic HMS ERP, a comprehensive hospital management system designed to streamline your operations and improve patient care. With features such as patient registration, appointment scheduling, inpatient management, OT management, and pharmacy management.

Futuristic CRM ERP 696 Tech

Futuristic CRM ERP

Boost Your Sales and Customer Satisfaction with Our CRM System. Our cloud-based CRM solution helps you streamline your sales process and manage customer relationships more effectively. Contact us today to learn more about how our CRM system can help drive your business growth.

Futuristic POS/INVENTORY 696 Tech


Managing sales and inventory can be a daunting task for any retail business. That’s why we developed our cloud-based POS and Inventory ERP, specifically designed to meet business needs and simplify your operations and provide you with real-time insights. With Futuristic POS and Inventory ERP.

Futuristic CRM ERP 696 Tech

Futuristic Library CMS

The Library Management System is a comprehensive software solution designed to efficiently manage and organize library operations. With its core modules, it provides the necessary tools to streamline book management, librarian assistance, blogging, page creation, customization, and multilingual support.

ERP Promotion 696 Tech

Futuristic Software Products

Transform your business with 696Technologies' ERP solutions! Streamline operations, elevate efficiency, and unlock your business potential. Try our free demo access today!