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Modules of the Education ERP:

Lesson Plan: Create and manage lesson plans for effective curriculum delivery.

Chat Module: Facilitate direct communication between students, teachers, and parents through a convenient chat module.

Single Student Multi-class Allow: Enable students to be part of multiple classes without any hassle.

Menu Manager: Easily manage and customize the menu options and navigation within the ERP system.

Admin Section: Access and manage administrative tasks and settings within the Education ERP.

Student Info: Maintain comprehensive student information, including personal details, academic records, attendance, and more.

Academics: Manage academic-related tasks, such as class schedules, subjects, grading, and progress tracking.

Study Materials: Upload and organize study materials, including notes, assignments, and reference materials for easy access by students.

Fees Collections: Streamline the collection and management of student fees, including fee schedules, invoicing, and payment tracking.

Accounts: Handle financial aspects of the educational institution, including budgeting, expense tracking, and financial reporting.

Human Resource: Manage employee information, attendance, leave, payroll, and other HR-related tasks.

Leave Management: Simplify the process of requesting and approving leaves for staff members.

Examination: Plan and manage examinations, including exam schedules, seating arrangements, and result processing.

Online Examination: Conduct online exams with secure proctoring features and automated result generation.

Homework: Assign and manage homework tasks, track submission status, and provide feedback to students.

Communication: Enhance communication between teachers, students, and parents through announcements, notifications, and messaging.

Library: Manage the library resources, including cataloging books, tracking loans, and generating reports.

Inventory: Keep track of inventory items, such as school supplies, equipment, and assets.

Transportation: Manage transportation services, including routes, schedules, and tracking of school buses.

Dormitory: Handle dormitory management, including room allocation, occupancy tracking, and student accommodations.

Reports: Generate comprehensive reports on various aspects of the educational institution, such as attendance, academic performance, and financials.

Role and Permission: Assign different roles and permissions to users within the system to ensure data security and access control.

System Setting: Configure system settings and preferences to tailor the Education ERP to the specific needs of your institution.

Style: Customize the visual appearance and branding of the ERP system to reflect your institution's identity.

Website Setting: Manage and update the institution's website content, including news, events, and announcements.


Each module of our Education ERP is designed to simplify and optimize the respective tasks and processes, enabling educational institutions to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Check-out Summarized Modules and Functions of 696 Futuristic School ERP:

Module Function and Benefits
Lesson Plan Manage curriculum delivery efficiently.
Chat Foster direct communication among students, teachers, and parents.
Single Student Multi-class Allow Enable easy participation in multiple classes.
Menu Manager Customize menu options and navigation effortlessly.
Admin Section Access and manage administrative tasks and settings.
Student Info Maintain comprehensive student information.
Academics Manage class schedules, grading, and progress tracking.
Study Materials Upload and organize study materials for easy access.
Fees Collections Streamline student fee collection and payment tracking.
Accounts Handle budgeting, expenses, and financial reporting.
Human Resource Manage employee attendance, leave, and payroll.
Leave Management Simplify staff leave requests and approvals.
Examination Plan and manage exams, seating, and result processing.
Online Examination Conduct secure online exams with automated results.
Homework Assign, track, and provide feedback on homework.
Communication Enhance teacher, student, and parent communication.
Library Manage library resources and generate reports.
Inventory Keep track of school supplies and equipment.
Transportation Manage school bus routes, schedules, and tracking.
Dormitory Handle room allocation, occupancy, and accommodations.
Reports Generate detailed reports on attendance, academics, and finances.
Role and Permission Assign user roles and permissions for data security.
System Setting Configure ERP settings to match institution's needs.
Style and Website Setting Customize ERP appearance and institution's website content.

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