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Transform Your Business with Our Cloud-Based ERP System. Streamline operations, access real-time insights, and make informed decisions with ease. Our all-in-one solution includes HRM, POS, CRM, and Project Management capabilities, giving you a complete view of your business at all times. With our ERP system, manage finances, inventory, supply chain, and more from a single platform. Improve productivity, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge. Contact 696 Technologies today to learn more and transform your business!

Here are the modules:

Chart of Accounts:

Streamline your financial transactions with our customizable Chart of Accounts. Easily categorize income, expenses, assets, and liabilities, gaining a clear overview of your financial position at a glance.

Project Timesheet:

Efficiently manage project deadlines with our intuitive timesheet feature. Keep track of time allocated to each project and gain a clear overview of remaining time.

Project Tracking:

Stay on top of project progress with our project tracker application. Track time spent on specific projects and tasks, with automated screenshots serving as evidence for accurate time allocation.

Goal Tracking:

Set and monitor your goals effortlessly. Edit and update your progress in real-time, ensuring you stay in control and achieve your goals efficiently.

Sales Management:

Streamline your sales process and maintain organization. Seamlessly manage invoices, payments, expenses, and credit notes with ease.

Inventory Management:

Effortlessly monitor and manage your inventory. Stay informed about real-time stock levels, receive low inventory alerts, and make necessary adjustments as needed.

Item Management:

Maintain a well-organized inventory with ease. Categorize items, assign sales prices, track purchases, apply taxes, and manage units and product types efficiently.

Slack Integration:

Receive real-time notifications of company activities within your Slack channels. Schedule messages and stay alerted to important updates, all from a single user-friendly interface.

Zoom Integration:

Simplify your virtual meetings by utilizing Zoom integration. Easily schedule Zoom meetings and seamlessly sync meeting details and attendees with your calendar.

Telegram Integration:

Never miss crucial notifications again. Receive real-time project notifications directly in your Telegram application. Collaborate effectively with team members and stay up-to-date with project developments.

Staff Management:

Effortlessly manage employee information. Utilize simple filter options to search for staff, edit their details, and conveniently handle employee-related tasks.

HR Management:

Streamline all aspects of your HR operations. Access key information about each employee, from attendance history to training and performance records, all within a user-friendly interface.

Role Assignments:

Effectively assign roles and permissions to staff members using our multi-user accounting tool. Maintain control over staff access and manage permissions with ease.

Reports Management:

Access detailed and real-time reports to monitor your business performance effectively. Visualize data through graphs and other visuals, ensuring data interpretation and informed decision-making.

Goals and Notes:

Set and track your goals effortlessly. The system automatically monitors your progress, allowing you to focus on achieving your targets.

Events and Notice Board:

Stay prepared for events with event reminders and descriptions. Assign employees to events and issue notices to users, clients, or employees efficiently.

Estimates Management:

Generate accurate project estimates quickly and easily. Efficiently manage estimates by assigning clients, tracking status, and setting expiry dates.

Contract Module:

Create legally binding contracts within seconds and maintain an organized repository. Stay updated on contract statuses and automatically record contract changes.

Chat Module:

Engage directly with your users and clients through a convenient chat module. Enhance customer satisfaction, improve response time, and boost sales.

Payroll Management:

Effortlessly streamline your payroll tasks. Ensure employee satisfaction with accurate and timely payslips. Generate bulk payments quickly and efficiently.

Projects Management:

Gain a comprehensive overview of project status, budget, and deadlines. Assign and prioritize tasks using an intuitive Kanban board. Keep projects on track and within budget.

Tasks Management:

Effectively manage tasks by filtering them based on priority, due date, and type. Track progress with checklists and take complete control of your projects.

Indicator Appraisal:

Obtain clear insights into departmental performance. Identify real-time improvement areas and optimize processes for enhanced performance.

Leads Management:

Stay updated with real-time lead updates from your marketing campaigns. Manage leads effortlessly using Kanban or List View. Assign pipelines and stages for efficient lead management.

Deal Management:

Access a complete overview of all your deals instantly. Assign tasks, products, and users to each deal for improved organization and streamlined processes.

Budget Planner:

Maintain financial control with ease. Set budgets and receive real-time updates on adherence. Edit and update budgets as required to ensure financial stability.

Form Builder:

Save time and streamline business processes with customizable forms. Create and manage various form fields according to your specific needs.

Customer Statement Report:

Eliminate manual tracking of customer statements. Obtain a comprehensive report on orders, payments, and transactions with customers or vendors at a glance.


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